Preparing Jamf for Big Sur and ARM

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Noob here. We started with Jamf around High Sierra/Mojave and there has been fairly minimal change needed for Catalina. What things should I be doing to prepare for ARM and Big Sur. ARM is obviously going to be the biggest challenge. I know what's changing for the most part it's more how should I be dealing with those changes.

We are cloud based so we get frequest Jamf updates.
I'm setting up a VM to test the public beta. I have already setup restrictions to block the beta and official releases. Should I be setting up a smart group based on the OS and excluding policies temporarily that don't work or break in my testing? We are near the start of a migration from AD bind to Jamf Connect too which doesn't help much.


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Unfortunately, not many people were able to get those $500.00 dev kits. We've just been able to test the beta releases of Big Sur.
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