Prestage Enrollment Issue

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I have a prestage enrollment that ive assigned a couple of iPads to. Then I created a smart group with the criteria "Enrollment method: Prestage enrollment", "Operator set to IS" "Value set to the Prestage enrollment name". Then that smart group to a couple apps and configuration profiles. What is happening is when I wipe the ipad either manually or send the wipe command from JAMF the iPad is not repopulating in that smart group even though it is still checked for prestage enrollment. What could be causing this to happen? If I edit the smart group criteria like just adding the parenthesis, saving then it populates, so I wipe again and it doesnt populate so I remove the parenthesis, save and it populates. Same cycle over and over. Never repopulates in the smart group without making a minor change to the smart group.


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@bmichael I can't think of a reason why the iPad would not be added to the Smart Group upon new DEP enrollment. Might be a good issue to contact tech support about.