Prestage Enrollment with Apple Migration Assistant

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Our process used to be:

1. Migrate data to new computer - only bringing over apps, AD user, and user files - no network settings

2. Web enrollment/AD bind

Now with M1s and secure tokens, we have setup prestage which creates a local admin account.

New process:

1. Prestage/AD bind new Mac

2. Migrate data using Migration Assistant connected directly to old Mac - only bringing over apps, AD user, and user files - no network settings

3. At the end of this process, sudo jamf policy returns: Device Signature Error - A valid device signature is required to perform the action.

So I have removeframework and then basically follow my original procedure.

I guess prestage puts some accounts on the machine, yet in this scenerio is prestage even needed if I'm having to re-enroll anyway?

Or how do you migrate old local user data to new M1 Macs?


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@llitz123 Your problem is that Migration Assistant overwrites some of the the information the enrollment process installed which identifies the Mac to Jamf Pro. You might look for posts on Jamf Nation that mention using rsync for migrating data from an older Mac as an alternative to Migration Assistant.

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Friends Don't Let Friends use Migration Assistant in an MDM / Enterprise environment. 

It breaks too much stuff. 

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That's too bad.  Why can't it just be easy for once?

I'll look into rsync threads yet I'm hoping someone will post a current process that works for them that I can test.


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Because Apple's focus is on the individual user, and if Migration Assistant breaks things when used on organizationally managed Macs then that's just too bad...

Now I'm sure that's not Apple's official position, or even their intention, but it does sure feel that way sometimes.

Apple took a step backwards...  How frustrating!