Prevent Education Profile from effecting Classroom App

New Contributor

Im Jamf Pro the education profile defines the classes in a shared iPads login screen as well as classes shown in the classroom app. If there is no education profile (no classes in Jamf Pro assigned to location) the classroom app gets it's classes from Apple School Manager.

In Jamf School it is possible to separate the effect of the education profile in the login screen from classes shown in the classroom app. With this you can set up classes in Jamf School in in a way that defines which classes are shown in the login screen. But the classroom app isn't affected by the education profile and gets it's classes from Apple School manager.

What is this good for? When you have teacher created classes in Schoolwork they don't show up in the Classroom app with Jamf Pro whereas you have the exact same classes in Schoolwork and Classroom in Jamf School.

I couldn't find a way to make Jamf Pro behave like Jamf School. Maybe someone more experienced that I can tell me how to get get similar solution in Jamf Pro?