Preventing Microsoft AutoUpdate from launching on installation

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By default, when an Office 2019 app is installed, Microsoft AutoUpdate will automatically launch. I don't want that to happen (we handle patching Office apps through a patch policy in Jamf), but I'm having little luck.

As part of our Office 2019 deployment policy, I have a script that runs prior to the installation to populate a few settings in /Library/Preferences/ I'm setting things like HowToCheck to "Manual" and disabling the data collection policy prompt, but another option that I'm adding is IgnoreUIOpenAfterInstall. That's a relatively new option for MAU which, according to Microsoft's release notes, was added in the fall of 2020. That's supposed to do what I want, not launch MAU after Office is installed.

Problem is, I can't find any documentation about that option anywhere, just that it was added. I'm trying to set it with a boolean value of TRUE, but it doesn't work -- MAU still launches. It's also not listed in any of the MAU preference references (like this one), possibly because it's relatively new.

Has anyone gotten this preference option working?


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I had the same issue and used Restricted Software for both Microsoft AutoUpdate  & Microsoft Update Assistant.

I scope it to a temporary smart group so that I doesn't interfere with my onboarding workflow.