Printer Migration from Casper to JAMF Pro

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Hey Everyone,

So I'm trying to migrate printers from our old casper JSS to the new Jamf Pro JSS and I understand I'm going to have to create each of them manually which at this point I'm okay with (despite there being over 100 lol) but what I don't want to do is re-create all those .PPD config files.

Does anyone know where capser JSS stored all those PPD files? I've checked the DPs used and can't find anything! Being able to just download the whole directory of them would make my life so much easier!


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This may help. Not sure how far back it will support, though.

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@cjvautour - the ppd files are not stored in the database. They either already exist on the machine or are installed with a pkg via a policy. The database does contain the config (which has a pointer to the ppd) for the printer and that you should be able to copy over with JamfMigrator.

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Okay will give this a try, thank you both!