Printer PKG Still not Working

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Hey guys,

I used Composer to create a snapshot of before and after I added my printers and their settings. After running the pkg on a computer, I get no errors, but I also get no added printers to the device. I also tried creating a DMG, but this also did nothing.

Any suggestions?

Using JAMF 9.97
OS X Sierra
Clean newly setup Mac Mini


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@OSXCreative I ran into the same issues a few months back. I ended up finding this script and using some very helpful knowledge from JAMF nation community to create a installer package that would map the printer to system preferences. Here is the post with my instructions that work in my environment:

I finally got a configuration that works as a package and does not leverage printer drivers. What I did was take a modified snapshot of our print install via system preferences (in Composer). We deleted everything except for private/etc/cups/ppd/printer.ppd (or whatever your ppd is called). Then we used a script we found online that would map the preferences into system preferences (it also turns off network sharing).

Here is the script:

lpadmin -E -p "NAME" -v "URL" -P "PDD" -o printer-is-shared=false
cupsenable "NAME"
cupsaccept "NAME"

After following the steps to setup the script from this link (where I found the script) we used Composer to add the post install script to the package. The steps to add the script to composer are in the first post here. Make sure you don't delete anything that is already there in the Composer script or it will fail. After this, build it as a PKG or DMG.

Basically, the package you create in Composer will add a ppd on the client machine's library that matches the name of the ppd you set in the script. When the user runs the package the script will run at the end adding the printer to the preferences pane. JAMF support couldn't even help me on this one.

Hope this helps,