Printer Presets with Ventura

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Is anyone using printer presets in Ventura?

I've been trying to make two - one for Greyscale and one for Colour but it keeps going back to colour

If I do this on Monterey it works fine

I've tried it on several machines with the same result


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Made two yesterday, they work fine but I did get problems with what tray it should be printed on, it has 4 different trays for our Ricoh printers but it seems to go back to ”defaults” just for this option. Users have to chose tray on the printer now instead. Would love help with this as well 👍🏻


(Side tray on the printer used for ”thick paper” which is the present I built)

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Thanks @RobinJJ - our printers are Konica Minolta via Papercut but the driver is the Konica Minolta one.  I even did a manual install with the latest driver just to make sure but keep having this issue.

I see on Macadmins Slack in the #printers-n-cups channel when I search using "presets"

Quite a varied set of issues too - just all related to print presets and Ventura