Printing with non-binded mac?

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How can I add printing job to Printing Server Queue "windows server" ?

* Mac and Printer are using same network.

*  Mac is not AD binded

* Am using my badge or AD logins to start printing on the Ricoh device "highly preferable".

* manual solution is to be mas deployed using Jamf


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If I am right, you want to send a print job from a Mac, that is not bonded to a windows domain to a printer (respective a spooler) , that is delivered from a windows server?

To do this, we have configured that spooler (printer) on the Mac, we want print from.

We have some Macs in a windows domain and they get their "windows printers" by using a configuration profile and a printer install job. The printer install job installs the driver and configures the location, where the print server is.

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So a local account that needs to send print jobs to a queue on a Windows server? I imagine you're using something like PaperCut that relies on that job being sent as the AD user so simply installing the queue won't be enough.

One thing to try is deploying a kerberos SSO profile using the single sign on extensions payload. The user then authenticates using the dialog and the job is sent as that AD user. Another option is to use Jamf Connect or NoMAD to achieve the same results. 


for windows hosted smb print queues that require auth, non-bound Macs should be prompted for credentials. Bound Macs should be able to leverage SSO, although I've seen it break as oven as not.  

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To print to a Windows print server, without doing anything on the server, you need to use SMB, which needs to be authenticated. If you can install "Print Services for Unix" on the server this allows LPD (can be unauthenticated). To actually add the printer to the Mac, you can use /usr/sbin/lpadmin as the key part of a script or in jamf Settings > Computer Management > Printers.