Problem to enroll the iPads (IOS 6.1.3)

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We have about 200 iPads with IOS 6.1.3, and we try to enroll them by the url. The two profiles CA Certificate Payload & MDM Profile both download and install successful. It also says enrollment complete. But Self-Service do not appear on the iPad home screen and the iPads' info do not upload to casper. The inventory only show the device model & location info, and the rest are all blank. Does any body know what the problem is? Thanks.


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Verify you have the appropriate ports (2195, 2196, and 5223) open on your firewall. You can get additional information on the ports from page 12 of the Administrator's Guide.

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New Contributor III

Ditto to @leslie 's post. Generally this is an issue with port 2195 or 5223. In addition to the section in the Admin's Guide, you may also want to look here for more info: