Problems installing iLife 06 & iWork 06 with Netboot

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Hello all,

As part of a restructuring exercise we are trying to use .pkg installers with Casper if the software is distributed in that format. This is a departure from making .dmg packages for each application no matter what format the software originally was in. This plan has worked well so far but I'm having problems with the latest versions of iLife & iWork.

I have simply taken the root .mpkg installer in both cases and added it to the Packages folder. However Casper will not install the software correctly. When the Mac is netbooted and diskless then copying the package to /tmp uses all the available disk space. The install then fails and the Mac complains with a disk full alert.

When the iLife package is broken apart into the individual apps then command line installation fails with a message along the lines of "You must use the main installer and choose custom install in install individual apps".

Has anybody got around this problem?



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