Problems setting up new iPads

New Contributor

I seem to be having trouble connecting new iPads to Jamf. Normally this would happen during the setup process but it is not. Wondering if there is a problem with my account setup or something?


New Contributor III

Are your iPads going through the regular consumer setup instead of showing the Remote Management setup screen?

A couple of things to check:
- Make sure your Jamf Pro instance is connected to Apple School/Business Manager
- Make sure the devices that are giving you problems are enrolled in your Apple School/Business Manager account
- Make sure you have a Prestage Enrollment set up under Mobile Devices in Jamf and make sure that the "Automatically assign new devices" box is checked in the General pane of your Prestage Enrollment.
- If both of the above are true, wait 24 hours. Last summer we had an order of iPads that arrived before Apple had dumped them in our ASM account, so they behaved like consumer devices at setup instead of going to Remote Management. We opened a ticket with Apple and they told us it can take a few days for devices to show up in ASM. Sure enough, the next day they were there and enrolled properly in Jamf.