Problems with saving

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for some time now my jamf Pro instance has had problems with saving. For example when I try to change scopes or really anything with policies it will just not save the changes when I click save. I have to try multiple times (up to six) so that the changes will finally be saved. 

In some places its even worse. When I try to create a new patch Policy it never works and I always get a "An error occured while saving the changes" message. This is really problematic because I cant use some features of jamf anymore.

Has someone had similar issues and can give some advice? I am also in contact with jamf support, but they have until now not produced possible solutions and I am getting really desprate, because this issue persists for a while now.

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I have been experiencing the same issue for a while, and the solution seems to be to make your change and just wait five minutes or something before clicking "save."

Let me know if you find out a better fix!