ProfileCreator is now OpenSource

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The creator of ProfileCreator has stopped any further development due to personal and professional reasons. You can read about it at: This was (and still is) a great tool. Are there any code jockeys out there who can pick this up and run with it?


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Thanks for posting this @AVmcclint . I had the opportunity to work pretty closely with the developer as far as the features and the manifests for the different configuration profile payloads goes, but I personally do not have the coding exp. to pick up where he left off.

Anyone who is interested in helping to keep the project going would be very much welcome! I know at least one of the many ideas that hasn't come to fruition yet is building in native Jamf API support, such that a profile made with ProfileCreator could be directly imported & updated in Jamf.

ProfileCreator is now also listed on the Jamf Marketplace as well.

Join us in #profilecreator & #profilecreator-dev on the Mac Admins Slack.