PSA: DeployStudio & Sophos SAV for Mac 9.7.5 and later Folder Insecurity Warning

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Sophos recently published a knowledge base article, On Premise MacOS Installer: Folder Insecurity Warning, which details a side-effect of DeployStudio.

The article includes a Bash script to test for incorrect permissions.


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The DeployStudio bug is apparently fixed in v1.7.9, which is not yet released as of this date. Until it is, the permissions & ownership can be fixed via a script in your DeployStudio workflows, but in my experience, it needs to be the LAST item in the workflow. Almost any DeployStudio workflow step can corrupt the permissions, including adding a package for deferred installation.

You can also use a DeployStudio workflow that just runs the script to fix the permissions, if you don't want to mess around with the Recovery partition and SIP.