PSA - Detecting macOS 13.3.1(a) Security Update on JSS versions older than 10.46

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After the macOS 13.3.1(a) Security Update is installed the sw_vers tool on the Mac will report the macOS BuildVersion is 22E772610a. Unfortunately the Operating System Build version shown in the computer record by Jamf Pro (at least versions prior to 10.46) will continue to show 22E261 which is the same as an unpatched 13.3.1 install. This means a Smart Group using the Operating System Build criteria can't be used to identify Macs that have the update. To determine the actual build version so you can create a working Smart Group requires creating an Extension Attribute to query the sw_vers tool directly:




# EA - Get macOS Build Version

result=$(/usr/bin/sw_vers -buildVersion)
echo "<result>$result</result>"




Once that EA is active you can use it as criteria in a Smart Group with the operator "is like" and the value "22E772610a"