Push Notification Issues

New Contributor III

Since this year I had some issues to do prestage enrollment with DEP devices, I already did the renovar of APN and VPP, but this issue persist, checking the logs I saw the next warn and I think that is the cause that I'm getting this issue:

[WARN ] [ina-exec-32] [pleMDMCheckInNotification] - Unable to create push notification for device: Computer [ID=174, Name=User's MacBook Pro]. A required field (UDID, APN Token, Push Magic) was empty.

So I have to do the manual enrollment as if the computer were a No DEP, even so, this give me some issues and sometimes it does not download the profiles until I wipe the computer and do all over again, but also, it must be enrolled as a No DEP but the Mac it is a DEP.