Push update keynote,pages and numbers?

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Any idea how we can push this update to clients computer? or we can make a package?



I would like to know this too.

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@jamfmdm & @lee.smith the short answer is to use VPP to distribute the apps and allow the users to update. However if you're not a VPP customer, or have not distributed apps in that manner, then the answer is to download the updated apps on a computer and deploy the package.

You can use @rtrouton article on using AppStoreExtract to download apps from the App Store. These will come down as PKG files that can be dropped into Casper Admin and deployed. Create a Smart Group looking for machines with old versions of the apps and scope the policy to them.

If you have a mixed environment of OS versions, make sure that you are scoping your Smart Groups to keep that in mind.

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You can use

defaults write com.apple.appstore ShowDebugMenu -bool true

to enable the debug menu in App Store.
The debug menu will let you go to the download folder from the App Store and capture the pkg as it comes down.

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you can try pkgkeeper but it does require you to turn off SIP
this will create a simlink on the desktop, just rename it and drop into casper admin

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I've used the Appstore extract method and pushed to clients, but I'm running across an issue where the Appstore on the targeted machine still flags these particular apps as needing updates despite having pushed the correct new version and the machine even reporting it has the correct version. If I run the update manually from the Appstore on that machine it reinstalls it and then the update flags go away. Not sure what's causing it but it's confusing our users after we claim it's updated and they say it didn't.

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Hello - I'm new to all of this, but making good progress. I've been able to push 15 VPP-sourced (free) apps to 40 ipads ... piece of cake. I'm just having trouble with Numbers, Keynote, & Pages. I thought they were free apps these days - but they show up in the VPP store as costing $9.99 each. Theyv'e come down automatically for some ipads (mini 4's) but not for others (some 4's and mini 2's). I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Thanks for any advice ...

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@jamf$origlio If the iPads were purchased by your organization then you should go to the VPP Fulfillment site ( http://vpp-fulfill.apple.com ) and fill out the form to have your VPP account credited with a license for each of Apple's bundled apps per each purchased iPad 4 or newer (and also Macs). The license credit option doesn't have a set expiration date that I'm aware of and I received licenses for 2 and 3-year-old iPads once I had been pointed to the site myself.

You'll need serial numbers for each device or an Apple order number for sets of devices, but within a day or two you'll get licensing equal to the number of purchased devices credited to the requested VPP account. For our environment I fill out the request myself on behalf of each purchasing department and have all the licensing credited to a single VPP account, which is then scoped to deploy to pretty much all managed devices with a few exceptions for kiosk-use devices.

If the iPads were not purchased by your organization then the first Apple ID that uses the store on the device can adopt a license for each of Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iMovie and GarageBand, however, once adopted the licenses can't be transferred to another Apple ID even if it uses the same iPad. If the freebies have already been adopted and the devices weren't purchased directly by your organization then your only option is to purchase licensing for each app through the VPP as per the usual process.