Pushing a configuration to a Mac


Hi folks,

We have been using Casper Imaging for older machines, and this works fine. Imaging uses a configuration that installs a load of PKGs and runs a load of scripts. Note I'm talking about Computer Management > Configurations and NOT Configuration Profiles.

Is there a way to:
1) Push the configuration to Mac without imaging, but that is not part of DEP (i.e. User Enrolled - not these machines were not from an "DEP reseller")?
2) Push the config to the machine when it IS enrolled with DEP?

The "Casper is configuring your Mac" splash screen would be a nice thing to have in both scenarios above, as well as all the apps and scripts that we want to enforce on these Macs.



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Sorry, but Configurations are intended solely for Casper Imaging.

You could create a policy which duplicates your configuration and scope that to the machines in question, however.

As for the Configuring your Mac, you could invoke 'jamfHelper -windowType fs -description "Configuring your Mac"' and then kill it when done to give the same effect.


Ah, nice.
I'll give that a go and report back :D