Pushing a PDF document to all our iPads

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We have been trying to find a solution to this situation and are not coming up with anything that we really like yet so we are wondering if you have any ideas. 


The situation is this…

  • We have a PDF document that is an instruction set for how our employees are to use the B2W software on their iPads.
  • This document is not something anyone will be changing, it is strictly a read only instruction document.  Administratively we will make updates to it from time to time though that will need to be republished.
  • There is nothing confidential in this document
  • We can push a webclip to the iPad home pages of websites and ideally would like to set this up as a webclip that just goes to a webpage and this document opens
  • However, we don’t know where to put this so it has a webpage that we can link to and open it.
  • And we don’t want to require the users to have to log into an account (like 365) to view this as it’s just a PDF and not confidential
  • We thought about using a SharePoint site, but currently our default global settings for SharePoint sites require members to be in our 365 organization and log in.  We thought about changing that default to allow anyone, but really aren’t comfortable with doing that as it opens up security issues on future SharePoint sites we setup if we forget to change the settings.  We also don’t really want to risk changing settings on our existing sites.  We would just rather leave our SharePoint sites as is and require users to be in our 365 organization and logged in.
  • We have our company website, but we don’t maintain that and I’m not getting the impression that it’s easy for us to add/change things there.  I don’t interact with the vendor who does our website so I don’t have any first hand knowledge of those processes.


Do you know of any options we have to allow us to just have a PDF/PDF on a website that can be opened on our iPads?


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You could set it up as an in-house eBook set to auto install.  The PDF would be added to their library in the Books app.

That doesn't make them read it, but at least they would have it.  


As @jcarr says you can deploy it as an in-house book but you could also share it on Box/Dropbox/OneDrive/AzureBlobStorage and then have your Web Clip point to that  

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I acknowledge that everyone above has said what I was going to say do the in-house ebook.