Pushing Apps

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As we are under stay home order. My question is that if a student needs an app pushed, will the app go through? As the iPad is not on our school network but on the students home WiFi network?


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Hi @zahids - I think the answer is that this depends on what access your client machines have to your JamfPro server from home and how you have scoped the App.

Better than me rambling about it, can you not just get some free app and scope it to a test machine that is off site? Even if you are on site, you could use a phone with its data connection and disable the internal wireless on it (delete it) to test your ideas until you convince yourself whether it will work. Your phone doesn't even have to be the test machine, it can share the internet to the test machine - just make sure the test machine is only connected to the phone.


Hello! I have had success with this as long as the iPad is connected to a wifi. However, I am noticing that a lot of our iPads are not checking in the way they should. So what I have done is created a search to see what iPads are not checking in and then targeting those iPads trying to get them to reconnect. Otherwise, our student have gotten the updates/apps I have pushed out. Hope this helps!