Pushing iOS App to a single device

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Is it possible to have in app in Self Service, but also push it manually to auto install on 1 device (managed)?

So, I want the app in Self Service available to everyone. But we have some users that would like for it to auto appear on their iPad, but we only want to do that for a select few.

It seems it's one or the other. You choose to install/prompt or just make it available in Self Service.


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The only way to do this is to have multiple entries in the app catalog for the app. We're currently doing this exact thing, apps appear in self service for our 1-1 devices, and auto install for our shared use devices.

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That is one of my annoyances about the app catalog...I don't like doing multiple entries, but @bburdeaux is right...you have to do a second instance if you want two different deployment methods. I have to have multiple instances simply to pull it from our 2 differing VPP accounts. We have to keep those two VPP accounts separately as 2 different funds pay for them and must 100% be tracked separately.