Pushing out configured Canon Printers

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Our Canon folks are putting out new printers. I’ve worked with them to create a process whereby they have a copy of Casper Admin on a system in their office so I can grab the printer (and the drivers) they create and push it to the users where that printer has been set up.

What I noticed yesterday, was I could easily push the drivers and the printer. While testing (via Casper Remote), I found the printer came up as a generic printer, not as the specific Canon with all the options set. I did some research on JNUC and changed the printer setting in Casper by turning off the generic printer ppd check box. Note that it shows the printer we want to use… When I push to systems for testing, it still comes up as a generic printer… Any hints on how to get this to work properly… If I have the user delete the printer and recreate, it will allow the proper driver, but then the printer options are blank, and who knows what options are on the printer….
My searches of JNUC have not found this issue? Any hints?



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Hi @Lhsachs (Lenny), if these Canon printers have Fiery or Creo RIPs, the PPD you should be deploying will be shared off the SMB volume of the RIP. If the Canon provider technician did his/her job, the PPD on the SMB share will be new enough to deploy to later OS X versions. So what you'll need to push out are Fiery or Creo drivers...not Canon drivers.

Also, lpadmin/lpoptions is a much better way to deploy these kinds of printers. Rather than using JSS functions. You get more control that way. Less can go wrong.