Pushing Printers to Macbooks over JSS

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Which is the best way to push printers out over JSS to Macbooks?


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Self Service for our one to one macbook users.


Via Casper Admin, add the printers from the system running Casper Admin. That means, add the printers and associated drivers to the Mac before running CA on it.
Add printers and save CA.

Create a new profile, add your new printer(s), add package of driver(s) to CA as well, bundle with same profile. Scope as needed or Self Service it.

Create exclusion group for those that already have it. Possibly.

Test, test, test, modify as needed, repeat as needed.

That's the broad strokes.

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Depends on the context really.
We push our follow you printers everywhere directly out of Casper as a policy.
For smaller local printers we use Self Service and a scripted solution for choosing and adding printers made available in the Directory, it's made a bit easier by having a mono vendor environment so there is really only one or two necessary driver packs and these are already deployed when the follow you printers went in.

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Instead of pushing we use self service for our one to one macbook users.

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Hey here is the Admin guide to explain it better http://docs.jamf.com/9.96/casper-suite/administrator-guide/Managing_Printers.html

I map the printer in Admin and add the driver in Casper Admin. Create a new policy with the printer and the driver, set the scope. Make sure you test test test!! I have a script that restarts the CUPS engine as sometimes the printer won't respond if mapped using SS. 7ec3d16f934f48e4be9e11f085b9687e

Rick Lincoln