Query: macOS Update

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Hello! Just a question, is it possible to update the OS from 11.5.2 to 11.6 without being jump to Monterey? Because whenever I update one of our devices, it jumps to Monterey from 11.5.2,


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@TDManila  For Macs on 10.15 or later Jamf Pro 10.34.0 adds the ability to provide a specific version of macOS to update to when using the Send Remote Commands Action to send an Update OS version command: Enhancements to Download/Download and Install Updates Remote Command for Computers

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Hi tdcxmanila,

You can deploy a configuration profile to defer the installation of operating system upgrades for up to 90 days.

This way the devices are going to update from macOS 11.5.2 to macOS 11.6.1 and skip macOS Monterey for 90 days.1.png

Thank you! I will try this one