Question about Baseimages

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I'm new at the casperworld and sorry, my english is not the best.

I would like to know what kind of OSX images you are use for imaging. In the past I used instaDMG to create a BaseImage for all Devices (Macbook, Macmini and so on) and deployed it with deploystudio.
But is it the right way or is it better to use a hardware specific Image on the base of the delivered Installer DVD's for each device?

Thanks for your informations

Thorsten Hesse


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Hi Thorsten,

We have a global team spread across different geographical regions, so consistency in processes and tools is important to us. We retired the old tools such as InstaDMG in favor of Casper Composer and Apple SIU for making images. This way we're able to work as a global team (vs folks flying off on tangents, building their own silos).

We follow JAMF's procedure for BaseImage, Restore Image and NetBoot image (we don't bother with NetInstall):

I submitted a request to provide an overview of the "flow" in the above article. BaseImage is done first, and then used to create Restore image, which in turn is used to create NetBoot image:

BaseImage > Restore Image > NetBoot Image

We aim to have a single BaseImage, but whenever Apple "forks" us and we have to have more than one image, we follow the "Steve Wood" rule...always (ALWAYS) create your new image on the hardware you're creating it for. Once the combo update is released, update any of your "forked" images and you're back to having one image. This workflow works fine for the environments we support.



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I still use InstaDMG because for me it is faster. I already have my previous output OS created via InstaDMG and all I have to do is update the catalog file and run one command and everything else is auto. I use Casper to compile my images though with apps, I only use InstaDMG to build the OS.

Updating the catalog file is really fast and easy instead of downloading, and then dragging and dropping all items into Casper Admin and then organizing them into a build and compiling them. At least it is for me.

my 2 cents