"Invalid Profile" Error when using Apple Configurator 2

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I was successfully able to enroll 2 devices into JAMF and Apple DEP during the jumpstart session. Now, when adding another device, I am receiving this error on the iPad after selecting the correct WiFi:

"Remote Management: The configuration for your iPad could not be downloaded from Company Name. Invalid Profile"

Most likely there is error on my part- here are the steps I have been trying:

  1. Plug unconfigured/setup device into computer
  2. Open Apple Configurator
  3. Select iPad recognized by Configurator
  4. Click [Prepare] with "Manual Configuration" selected.
  5. Click through dialogue that appears, selecting the the jamf pro server set up, organization, and only mobile config profile available.
  6. Click [Prepare]

  7. Log into Apple Business Manager

  8. Click to the "MDM Servers" section on the left panel.
  9. Select server "Added by Apple Configurator 2"
  10. Download CSV file of device.
  11. Click "Device Assignments" on the left column
  12. Upload CSV, and add to JamfPro Server.

  13. On the iPad, select correct WiFi associated with the profile.

  14. Click "Next" when asked if I would like device to be configured by remote management.
  15. Get Invalid profile error listed above.

Am i doing this in the wrong order? Thank you!


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Hi, was thise case been resolved? What is the fix for this? Thanks.