"Limit IP Address Tracking" feature in Monterey causing WiFi Connection Issues

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The last topic had a solution marked that wasn't a solution - I want to bump this back up to the top.  We are experiencing issues with our network sporadically when moving through APs in our building.  The fix is associated with a the Limit IP Address Tracking feature but I am not sold on that. 

How do we turn this feature off in mass?


Its been said that this feature is only related to Mail and Safari - has anyone else experienced issues outside of those like mine? 


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We have seen issues with this feature blocking certain servers and websites and have had to turn it off and I can say its not limited to just safari and mail.  A good example is specific apps on iPad and iPhone not making a connection when this service is turned on, then immediately works when its turned off.

Gabe Shackney
Princeton Public Schools

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Also as far as I know, Apple has not given us the ability to manage this preference.  Limit IP address tracking should be something that is able to disabled for institutional purchases.

Gabe Shackney
Princeton Public Schools

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Network security blocks a laptop from signing into the Active Directory when "Limit IP Address Tracking" is enabled in our environment.  I must turn this off manually on each macOS computer before a new user can sign into a computer.  I agree that there should be a way to manage this setting since it is needed in an enterprise environment.  That is, if these devices were intended to be in an enterprise environment.

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Under macOS 13.x definitely an issue with our PaloAlto Firewall ... I am still looking for an option to manage this setting.

were you ever able to find a solution for this?  I think we are starting to see this right now with problems on Sonoma with anything Chromium based where the connection just stops working.  Safari continues to work as expected.

We disabled the "Private Relay" function via a configuration profile, this will also turn of the IP-Tracking option:


Thanks for this, I put this profile on a few test machines, but it still shows as being On.  I read in the article you link that there was a caveat in MacOS 12.01 where if the setting was on at the time the profile was pushed, the slider button would still appear as on, even though the service is disabled.  I am seeing this in Sonoma so I'm not quite sure it is working, are you seeing that as well?

Screenshot 2023-11-30 at 1.05.16 AM.pngScreenshot 2023-11-30 at 1.04.58 AM.png

I am sorry but we didnt switch to macOS Sonoma yet.

But as the screenshot shows, the "Private Relay" is not working even when it is marked as "active". Because you can only use "Limit IP address tracking" while "Private Relay" works, does the Screenshot confirm that the Configuration Profile setting works.