"Management Action" notification not working

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I'm having a problem with some of my macOS devices not displaying  the "User Interaction" notification when staff runs a policy from Self-Servce. Some will display the "Start" and "End" message. Other macs don't display any notifications. When checking "Notification Center", the "Management Action" is set to not allow notification by default, even on macOS devices that have the notification messages working.

I've never had a problem, until recently. Majority of my machines are running macOS Big Sur, but appears to work on some machines with Big Sur and others not with the same OS.

Current version Self-Service version is 10.30.3.


How do I re-enable the notification on all machines?

Thanks in advanced.


Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 5.42.18 PM.png



My issues surrounding macOS notifications from Self Service go back at least to December 2018. In my case, Self Service/Jamf is supposed to fire off a macOS notification letting the user know when a patch management title has an update. Despite specifying so in the User Interaction section of a patch policy, no notifications happened. So invariably users would come up against the inelegant update deadline. Back in 2018, I was given PI-005955. But this behavior has persisted whether the Jamf Pro Server was run on-prem of in Jamf Cloud.

Ultimately, I got so tired of it that I turned off notifications in patch management and set up a policy that uses a script that leverages JamfHelper to pop up an alert window that users have to acknowledge that tells them that there are updates available. Not nearly as elegant as the macOS notifications, but I've found this to be significantly more reliable in light of Jamf not getting this fixed.