"The configuration for your iPad could not be downloaded from .....""cancelled"

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Hi Everyone,

Im new to Jamf, in my previous job we were using Intunes to manage the iPads. In my new job, we are using Jamf Pro and I'm having issues with the iPads.

I was checking and getting familiar with Jamf Pro and i realize that almost 90% of the iPads, (not to say all) are not assigned to any prestage. I believe they were having that error message "The configuration for your iPad could not be downloaded from .....""cancelled" and the only thing they did was assigning the user name to the iPad and give it to the user.

I am trying to do it the correct way and i'm getting the error message, i saw some of the discussions about that same error, talking about the time zone or you just need to wait a few minutes and try again and it should work, so far its not working. Is there a real solution to avoid the error message and to make sure it works ???

I'm tryng to assign an iPad to user, the same way they did it before, when I change the iPad's name manually in the iPad lets say to James Bond, the iPad's name will change but only in the iPad but it wont change in Jamf. If I go in Jamf and change the name to James Bond and save it, the name won't change.


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We would get the "cancelled" message when we try to enroll ipads that were on iOS14.0 onto Jamf 26.0. Other iOS versions worked. Upgrading to JamfPro 28 fixed the issue with iOS14.0.

Which version of Jamf are you running?

I can verify that renaming the ipad and then running an inventory will update the jamf record.
You will need to have "Enforce Mobile Device Name" unchecked.