"The Installation Failed"

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Hi All,

I have a .PKG file that was extracted from a .DMG. I imported the .PKG into Composer, converted to source, made no changes (just to test), selected the Source file, clicked "Build as a .PKG". File seemed to build ok.

When I install the new .PKG it gets all the way to the end and says, "The installation failed. The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance."

Any ideas on what is happening and how I can remedy this?


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Have you tried using just the original package? Not sure why the repackaging step if you're not making any changes...

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Thanks, Taylor. The original package works fine as-is but I need to repackage to include a script to disable an automatic update. I tried packaging making no changes just for troubleshooting.

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Could you have the policy install the unmodified package and then add a script to execute with the 'after' setting within the same policy to run the commands you need? The package would get installed first, then the script would run after the installation to disable the updates all within the same policy.

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So let me get this straight, you are launching Composer and converting the .pkg?
Have you tried using Composer to take a snapshot of before the dmg is installed, install the dmg/pkg, take a second snapshot and then doctored it up in the tree. Then created a .pkg out of that?

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Does your script have an explicit 'exit 0'? I seem to remember that scripts without the explicit 'exit 0' are seen as failed when installed via Self Service, even when the same package install went fine when done manually.