"The MDM server is not authorized to perform this operation"

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Up until recently I've noticed small portion of our ipads receiving a "The MDM server is not authorized to perform this operation" error message when trying to download both paid/free apps from casper's self service.

I've tried clearing pending apps/commands both via mysql commands + via the JSS, I've tried adding/re-adding the profile on the ipad multiple times as well. Does anyone have any suggestions for this?

Note The ipad im currently having this issue with is on the ios 9.0 beta...(though we advised against it for now).



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Have you modified the cipher list in your JSS's server.xml file as per
this KB article?

We had the same problem and that seems to have fixed it. Running 9.72 FWIW.


EDIT: that link is not being parsed properly on my end. Here's the full url:

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Adding a me too with a little additional information. I had some old iPads with iOS 8.3 on them and they worked perfectly. I then took one of my iOS 9 devices and supervised it with Apple Configurator. I was able to push apps to the supervised device. Just not the unsupervised one. We leave our Faculty iPads unsupervised to allow "academic freedom". But we supervise the student iPads so we can prevent wiping the devices (Erase all contents and settings) to keep students from wiping and selling them.

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Once we got our JSS upgraded to 9.8 I had to re-enroll the devices that failed earlier. After re-enrolling, all devices supervised or not are now able to download apps.