Random JSS Restarts

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For the last few days I've been getting random JSS Service Started alerts via e-mail.

Usually happens between 6.30 and 7.30 am.

Odd thing is there's no JSS stopped alerts so i'm assuming it's just restarting due to a crash or something.

We've got 83 machines so not a massive db. Logs are all flushed after 3 months. I've upped the tomcat memory to 3GB but still happens.

I'm looking through the logs but can't see any obvious cause.

Running 9.96 with 10.12.1 on a Mac Pro (12GB RAM)

Can anyone point me as to where i should be looking next or maybe seen something like this before?

I restarted the server yesterday but the issue is still there this morning.




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I am having the same issue with an JSS instance that holds 400 iPads on a Windows Server 2012, 8gb RAM, v9.96, and MySQL 5.6.33. I sometimes try to URL into it and it has pooped itself. needing to restart the tomcat which freaks me out incase it messes with the DB. Yes any suggestions would be great!!

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Yeah, mine just restarts on its own.. first thing i know about it is an alert e-mail saying the web app is starting.

I've logged a ticket with Jamf. Will report back when i find out what it is.

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Jamf support has a server patch that may help you.


@al_platt Same issue-- my Mac mini running JSS 9.97.1488392992 has started doing this, I think since the first 9.97 version release. Twice this morning, though, so a bit alarming. Want to wait a week on the 9.98 update, though I doubt that it has a fix, since it has not been widely reported. Did your logged ticket ever get a resolution?