Re-Enrolling Via QuickAdd package and a Policy

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I've poked around through the 'Nation and haven't found an easy answer to my question/problem. I accidentally created a new APN cert instead of renewing the old one (there were several, it was my first day back from vacation, I hadn't had enough coffee, user error, pick your reason....) and now need to re-enroll all of our workstations. Doing a network recon seems to be missing workstations that I KNOW are there.

So as an easy fix, has anyone bundled up a QuickAdd package into their JSS and have it run as a policy when the computer comes online next? I figure that it is an easy, quick way to clean up my issue. Just wanted to know if there are any pratfalls to watch for?



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I've doen this before with Casper Remote. Just FORCE them to install the QuickAdd package "NOW".

Of note, if things don't work you may have to look into removing your hidden account on your client machine and/or remove the computer from your JSS. Sometimes, they don't RECON correctly when old data still lingering around. Haven't seen the issue in a long time, but it's always in the back of my head just in case. You would need to run on the client:

[code]sudo jamf -removeFramework[/code]

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One thing to be mindful of with re-running a QuickAdd Package is that the database can view this re-enrollment as a "new" machine, thus removing elements like policy history (causing some policies to re-run) and some location information which is likely something you don't want to have happen in this instance.

There is a workflow that can be used to help head this off which will tell the database to not flush this information upon re-enrollment. Feel free to contact and your Account Manager should be able to provide you with this workflow.

You can certainly test this workflow out within your testing environment to make sure we don't end up with any any unintended issues.