RE: Moving from Mosyle/Jumpcloud to JAMF/Okta

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Hi all,

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New years?

So we are in the middle a project to change our MDM provider from Mosyle to JAMF and Identity management from Jump Cloud to Okta.

Now I am quite new to MDM solutions at least at this level (mostly apple based company I am at) so they went with an MDM solution over trying to use AD joining and such (I have managed a small number via Intune)

But mostly I have been in Windows based companies with AD/SCCM imaging type set ups.

So after looking trough the community I struggled to find anyone posting a similar question to me.

My question is has anyone done the same moving from Mosyle to JAMF recently and how did you go about transitioning the machines (removing current profiles and un enrolling etc.) from Mosyle and then enrolling via JAMF?

We will be using JAMF pro if that helps :)

Thanks in advance