Rebinding Using a Policy

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Hello all,

Are there any issues with using a policy to rebind to AD? More specifically, would there be any issues in AD if the policy was run and the object wasn't deleted first?


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I have some smart groups I use to try and identify misnamed machines or machines that don't appear to be bound properly and unbinds and rebinds them using a script and it doesn't seem to cause too many issues.
It is attempting to remove the computer first though and then deleting the local AD info, it also requires passing a user:pass combo out of Casper which may be a concern for some.
It usually picks up a couple of machines a day that people have moved around (we have a naming databases based on machine location) and the odd one that has simply stopped talking to AD properly, it also probably rebounds the odd machine that didn't need it for one reason or another but as yet it hasn't caused any issues...

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A similar q came up not to long ago, in this thread