Rebuild Updates on Master NetSUS?


I am having storage issues on my sus (replicating 10.11, catalogs from Apple and almost at 350 gb's) and was considering rebuilding the catalogs and downloading fresh from Apple.

My question is, do I delete the entire /srv/SUS/ directory and then run a repo_sync, or do I need to delete a directory a little deeper ie /srv/SUS/html/content/downloads?



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@ocla&&09 Not really sure what you are trying to achieve? if your looking to recoup hard drive space, but need the updates for 10.11-10.13, then that is about the amount of storage you'll need. If you just want to refresh, then yes delete everything under /srv/SUS/html/ but you will still need the same amount of storage. another option is to use the NetSUS in pass through mode, where the updates are not stored locally, but endpoints only pull down the updates you have enabled from Apple using your SUS as the master catalog


I might do the rebuild of downloads, I had some issues and it looks like I have multiple updates in the catalog that are exact copies and thus taking up some unneeded space.

Thanks again for your help.