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Just now have the need to recon some Windows machines. We have Recon 9.92 which kicked up some errors but worked well enough. It actually did a better job than Mac Recon and reported a few plugins that Mac Recon missed.

I notice that it is no longer included in the 10.1.1 download. Has it been discontinued?


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I have heard that it is deprecated or unsupported. We are still on 9.101.0 and still use it. I'm wondering if the version we have now might continue to work with 10.1.x for a while. Has anyone tested that ?

Odd I don't see it deprecated or removed in 10.0 or 10.1. Maybe it went out as of 9.101.

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As of v9.100.0, Jamf is no longer distributing Recon.exe as part of the Casper Suite. Jamf will end support for Recon.exe at the end of 2017 and continue to offer technical support for existing Recon.exe customers until December 31, 2017. Note that this change is specific to Recon.exe. features and functionality will stay intact.

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@McAdams ,

As @catalyticit mentioned, Jamf stopped distributing Recon.exe back in 9.100.0 and support for Recon.exe will end December 31, 2017.

This was mentioned in the 9.100.0 release notes, which can be found here:

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does this mean that recon.exe will no longer be able to enroll windows computer? or they are just not going to release it anymore ?

how do i get recon.exe? I have 9.81 but forgot how i got it.

i was able to enroll windows computer on Feb 1/2018. using 9.81. but now i'm getting that failed to enroll manual server error (or whatever it says).