Recovery HD missing after partitioning Mac HD

New Contributor

Hi everyone - i am very new to Jamf casper deployment and if this is the wrong area to post this then apologies. Basically i just created a new dmg image of Sierra via AutoDMG to which it creates it's own Recovery.

When i run this dmg to Casper imaging and target the machine to the main disk, it installs the image and also adds the recovery without any issues. I also made sure to check the disk using the diskutil list command and is there. From that point i was satisfied.

I then decided to create a very basic script to partition my mac HD into 3 partitions (school requirement) to iMac, Data and Bootcamp. The package i created for the partitioning is priority2 and then my dmg becomes priority 3 to install right after the partition is done. When the image is complete, it successfully loads the image to iMac as planned but i can see that no recovery shows up. So i am a bit lost how comes when i format the hard drive as 1 partition, recovery works but as soon as i partitioning it, it does not create it. I do have a package to build a recovery but my manager insists that it should work via the dmg itself if a recovery is already created via AutoDMG. I am very new to scripting but if you have any advice to what i can do to get some answers that would be great. I do not have much info to upload as i am doing the basics to diving the hard drives but apart from just want to know if anyone experienced this issue.

I am still investigating further so will see if i can find some solution.