Reddish screen during that comes to a stalled status

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My MacBook Pro (OS X 10.10) does not start anymore. An interesting fact is that the boot screen is reddish and after 30% of the boot process (length of the boot bar), the screen turns gray without any option to login, no mouse. In short, stalled. What may be happening? Thank you for your help.

Here below are the steps I tried:
reboot w/ CMD OPT P R keys to reset PRAM: No change
reboot w/ CMD S keys: Single user/ fsck -fy -> reports no errors mount -uw / -> mount ok, I can see the HD content
reboot w/ CMD
V keys: the boot sequence halts seen on the screen7a577d16af104b80b83feccbd0fa9186


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Does it Command+R into the recovery partition? You could try an archive + Install over top of your data, see if that fixes it? Reddish tint, dunno there. Try reseating the display cable? You tried SMC and PRAM, that's what I would have tried.

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Thank you, Oh-em-gee, for your note.
How may I archive my data considering my computer won't boot? Is there a command I can run from single user shell level (thus after running fsck and mount /?
When you suggest "install over top", do you mean re-installing the OS?
Thank you.


Taking into account this is your very first post here--not to be rude, but this is a forum for Jamf, not a general tech support site.

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Just to assist, Target boot and connect to another mac. Copy off your data, then Re-Image

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Thank you, Kerouak, for the hint. I will try.

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Hi Seann, sorry for the confusion.
Which site would you suggest to post that question?
Thank you for your response.

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I understood it was fine to post here, it is up to people to decide if they replay and suggest anything.

I would suggest that the reddish hue is the operating system nearing the point of the logon screen processes kicking. That in itself would suggest that the hardware is ok, although the efi updates could be out of date for the OS it is loading....

Image it off in target disk mode to get back whatever data that you can, then do an internet restore would be your best bet probably, unless you have hours to spend on the project.