Reenroll iPad in new prestage enrollment without erasing


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For all our iPads we have several prestage enrollments regarding their role/functions.
Some iPads were still in the default enrollment because initially they weren't supposed to be fully managed. 
Now one department wants their iPads more managed because they expect more iPads and don't want them to configure everything manually. I created a new prestage enrollment. 
I want some of the existing iPads being enrolled in the new prestage enrollment without erasing them. How can I accomplish this?

On a test-iPad I choosed for 'Unmanage device' in Jamf Pro. Then I went to the Jamf url and reenrolled the iPad. I did'nt fill in a user to assign the iPad to. It enrolled well, but in the Inventory display and then "Enrollment Method:" it says "User-initiated - no invitation". 
How can I reenroll the existing iPads an get the Prestage Enrollment name in the Enrollment Method?

Of course I can scope configuration profiles to a department, but for all the other iPad groups I deploy them to a Smart Group which is based on the name of the enrollment method :-).

Hope someone can help me out.


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There are a few different enrollment methods. Using the Jamf Enrollment Portal is something called Device Enrollment which just manages the device and does not supervise the device (unless the device prepared for supervision by Apple Configurator ahead of time). The only two ways to get Device Supervision are:

  • Reinstalling macOS and enrolling the device with Automated Device Enrollment (the preferred method).
  • Use Apple Configurator to prepare the device for supervision which reinstalls iOS/iPadOS, the enrolled with Device Enrollment or User Enrollment.

Below is apples training documentation on device deployment and management. This documentation goes into enrollment types and supervision states and how to get the state you want.

Deployment and Management Tutorials | Apple Training

Thanks for you reply. I'm aware of the different enrollment methods. This is about iPads that are already supervised. I change the prestage enrollment by unticking them from the prestage they are now in, and than tick them in the new prestage enrollment. Now about the explanation from you about the enrollment methods: When you go into the iPad object in Jamf pro, go to Inventory and then General there's a field called : "Enrollment method". This one shows the prestage enrollment which is was originally enrolled in. Now I want to have that changed to the new prestage enrollment, but without erasing the iPad. 
Like what you can do on a macBook by typing 'sudo profiles renew -type enrollment' ...

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I might be missing what you are asking but it seems you just want to move some from one prestage to another.  If that is the case, go into the first prestage, click Edit, and in the Scope tab, untick the ones you want to move and save.  Then go into the other Prestage, click Edit, and in the scope tab,  tick the ones you want to add and Save

Thanks for your reply. I'm aware of this procedure and that's not the issue. See my reaction above on AJPinto.