Refreshed MBPr

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So my company purchased the new refreshed versions of the MBPr. Now our Casper images are taking longer to image and it doesn't show the status on the bar. The status stays fully blue the whole time. I rebuilt the netboot to fit the specs, and i replaced the image in Casper admin with a updated image. I left the computer over night with it on the blue bar imaging, then came back this morning and the system was imaged which means it worked but it took WAY longer than usual and the status bar just isn't showing the proper estimated time. Any ideas what could've caused that?



I noticed the status bar also isn't showing progress on imaging with our new Yosimite NetBoot Image as well. I'm not seeing a delay in any imaging though.

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Yea but the thing is I've had Yosemite before and it wasn't doing that. Now With the new systems it is doing it.

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When new hardware comes out, the retail version of OS X does not support the hardware until the next point release. Meaning, you can't use your existing image. This article describes it best:

During the development of an updated Mac, or a new model entirely, Apple’s hardware team have to fork whatever version of OS X is available to them and adapt it to include updated chipset drivers and kernel extensions for the latest hardware they’re working with. This means that, for a short time, the version of OS X that an updated Mac ships with will be different than the one available through the Mac App Store. If you were to try and restore an updated Mac with an image you had previously created, it will likely fail to boot since it wouldn’t contain the brand-new drivers or kernel extensions that only this modified version of OS X that the Mac ships has. Only with the next update to OS X, usually a point release (that is, 10.9.x), are the two versions of OS X (the retail one, available on the Mac App Store, and the modified one that the new Mac uses) “merged” back together into one unified version. Until then, it’s best to avoid any new hardware purchases until the next incremental update to OS X if at all possible.


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Search on JAMF Nation for "forked again". :)


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Also make sure you are using Casper Imaging 9.65 or later. Previous versions had an OS version detection bug that saw 10.10.2 as 10.2 and failed to block-copy an OS, resulting in file copies which took forever and typically failed to boot.