Reinstall VPP App through Self Service?

New Contributor

Is there any way to reinstall an application through Self Service using the VPP (Mac App Store) Apps and not packaging apps?

VPP Apps in Self Service is only showing up with "Open" after installation - no "Uninstall" button available.

I currently have Self Service setup for the user to install whatever application the user wants and it'll be very handy if they can reinstall through Self Service as well.



New Contributor III

Are you looking to keep the app up to date? Because there is a setting in the Mac App Store App to "Keep app up to date" and all you have to do is check it off. Let me know if you're having any issues.

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No. I want to completely reinstall it since there some certain applications that are either corrupted or contains errors so they'll need to be completely reinstalled to be fixed