Released Device Came BACK to Jamf/DEP

New Contributor III

So long story short, I had someone who bought 2 personal iPhones back in November 2017 and they somehow got linked to our account by an Apple rep. After we figured this out, I released them from our DEP account, he wiped both the iPhones, and all was good.

Today, he texted me saying he had to wipe his wife's iPhone and it popped up with the Company management as our devices usually do. I checked Jamf and it did indeed say it was added to our DEP account back in June 2019! I had to go back into DEP and release the device again.

I am beyond perplexed on how this happened... Just curious, has anyone seen this happen before? There's even that huge notice about how releasing devices is permanent and can't be undone. So is there any way to prevent this from happening again to other devices?

Side note, only the 1 iPhone was back in DEP, the other was not found.