Releasing Jamf license

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Hi all

I have a few broken Macs in the office we would like to decommission. 

Currently they are enrolled in Jamf but we are at our license limit so I want to remove the Jamf from them. I also want to wipe and reinstall the OS.

If I wipe and reinstall the OS using the Command+R at restart, does this automatically release the Jamf Pro license ?



I believe not.  The computer would still be listed in your Jamf instance until you delete it.  If the computer is listed in ASM or ABM, you'll want to power the computer off immediately after the macOS is reinstalled (at the first setup screen) to prevent re-enrolling the computer in your Jamf instance. 

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The device license in Jamf is only in use if the device record is currently listed as Managed. You can use the Wipe Computer command on the Management tab of the device to erase the computer, this also moves the record to Unmanaged and releases the license. If the device is an Apple Silicon or T2 Mac running macOS 12 or later, then the Wipe Computer command will also re-install the OS, otherwise you will need to boot into Recovery to reinstall the OS after the device has been wiped.

Also, Jamf does not monitor license counts during the year. When renewal time comes, they will charge for any active Managed records in Jamf at that time. The actual number of devices can fluctuate during the year and will still be covered. 

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Im not so clear on what to do first. If i use the Wipe command with a Silicon or T2, the Mac will reinstall and go back to being enrolled and managed by Jamf. But if I remove the device from being Managed, I loose the option to Wipe through Jamf.

And for non Silicon or T2 Macs, what would the process be? Unmanage and then reinstall the OS using Command+R at restart?


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  1. Log in to Jamf Pro.

  2. Click Computers at the top of the page.

  3. Search for the computer you want to unmanage.

  4. In the General category, click the Edit button.

  5. Deselect the Allow Jamf Pro to perform management tasks checkbox.

  6. Click Save. 

Once the device is no longer managed it will not count against your device license while the record is kept to view.