Remote Lock and Wipe not working with Mojave Public Beta 18A336e

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Hello All,
Just an observation. I have been unable to get Remote Lock and Remote Wipe to work on my test machine running Mojave public beta 18A336e. The same machine works just fine with High Sierra.
Running JSS 9.100.0-t1499435238.


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Well, for one, you should probably upgrade to Jamf 10.. There's alot of fixes and updates that relate to high sierra and more so with Mojave.

Its time.

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When trying to Remote Lock a Mojave machine it reboots and goes to a flashing question mark folder. If I option boot, it comes up with a passcode/firmware prompt and the lock code works. then i load up the OS and the Jamf Lock screen pops up. and the passcode works. is this something that anyone else is seeing?

Mojave Build 18A391 Retail release

Jamf JSS 10.7.1