Remote login/Mgt 10.12.6

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(first post, be kind please)

(yes I know, thread related to Sierra, believe or not, that is what we are on on our 300+ machines, no laughing please)

I am trying to run a script to enable remote login/mgt. I use JSS admin account creation in the autorun data settings and set the scripts to be 'on reboot'.

I tried the sysadminctl and launchctl script for ssh as well as but no success so far.

I can see that the admin user is created first, then the script execute.

any idea what I'm doing wrong?


PS: yes, I browsed through threads in this forum and yes, I read the Jamf admin manual (well most of it)


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all sorted now, managed to get it to work with and the launchctl script at the end.