Remote Management on iPad - Skip

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Hello All, We were resetting a district iPad today the same way we always have by taking off our Configuration Policy and doing an Erase All Settings and when we got to the Remote Management step in the setup it now includes an option for Apply Configuration and Skip Configuration. It used to always just force you to hit Next on Remote Management so the device was always in DEP and MDM on Jamf. Is there a way to change this setting and why did it change to allow it to be skipped? Granted all of our student iPads should have Configuration Profiles and not allow them to get the Erase All button but we feel better knowing there is no way to exclude an iPad from Jamf and force the Remote Management onto all iPads that are in our DEP. This iPad has been in Jamf for a few years, so nothing has changed from its standpoint. Any help is appreciated.



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Look at the Prestage settings to see if "Make MDM Profile Mandatory" is still checked.