Remote wipe Mac from login page

New Contributor

I have to ensure that several Macbook Pros at a remote location are wiped. No one there knows the account passwords so they can power them up and connect them to the network, but they can only get to the login page. I was going to use the Wipe Computer remote management command, but it appears this only happens once the login has been initiated.

I tested this by booting a test Mac to the login screen and initiating a Wipe Computer command for that Mac. It sat there for several hours without doing anything. Right after I finally entered the password the wipe command process started.

Is there a way to get the Wipe Computer command to initiate from the login screen?

If not, what is the best procedure to use to ensure the Macs are wiped?

I was thinking of doing an Erase Mac from Internet Recovery

The drives are encrypted.

Thank you!