Force-Permit Screen Recording and Accessibility Permissions

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I use my own Connectwise Control agent as my main source of remote support for clients. As you all know, since the Catalina update, Screen Recording and Accessibility permissions have been denied by default for most remote control applications, requiring someone with administrative credentials to sign in and permit the use of both categories to the application.

I was hoping to find some way via a shell script (or otherwise) to force-allow these permissions to all computers in a policy.

Just a little disclaimer: I do not use Jamf as my MDM platform for computers. If there are any solutions from within the Jamf platform please feel free to share them so I may attempt to replicate them on the platform I use though.

I've seen a few articles posted on various platforms but they all relate to prompting users to allow permission. Any help, pointers, or references to other helpful articles would be much appreciated.



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@user-ztjobihQJL You're better off providing clear instructions for your clients on how to approve the required access via the Security & Privacy panel in System Preferences. Apple is quite clear that they don't support any mechanism other than explicit user approval for enabling microphone, camera, or screen recording access. Even if you were successful in finding a way around that restriction it would probably be short lived as Apple will fix whatever flaw you're exploiting once it's discovered.

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As above, it’s a limitation on the Apple OS. File feedback with Apple but don’t get your hopes up.